“ Oh Elizabeth.... I’m comin’ to ya”

The “Elizabeth in question is the hallowed halls of Old Town, Chicago. Number one show in the country. I’m on my way as I write this, hoping, it will be worth the trip. It’s been a weird year so far and I could use a really good show. I’m in booth 180 and I hope you will come out this weekend. Times are, 10 until 5 each day. When I post that you should come out, I mean to say hello, there are so many former students and friends that have migrated to this fabulous city and I would just love to say hello and ask how life is. Of course, if you are in the market to buy art, I have come here to oblige. I have so much new work and it’s a bitch to carry back home and if l can go home lighter, that would be fantastic. On another front, last weekend Griff, my youngest son, flew in from LA for a friends wedding. It was nice to have a visit from him. I had seen him at Xmas, so it was worth cancelling a show. It wasn’t a long visit but it was one where I realized that some things never change. First, if you know Griff, you know he is one of the funniest people on the planet. He is my only child that can still make me wet my pants from belly laughing. I know, tmi, sorry. Underneath is one of the kindest and humblest souls. It’s sad really, even family has to re-acclimate to each other. All those years together and it takes at least 3 days to transition this new, adult, busy person to the heart I know. Then they leave. Life sometimes is hard. You give your kids wings -they fly away and although you wouldn’t have it any other way, it hurts. And every time you see them... they get farther (mentally and physically) away. It really sucks. 4 days in and Griff was who I know him to be and then boom...gone. I miss him already. This mobile world is isolating. It makes strangers of all of us. Skype helps but not enough. I wish my kids lived closer, but that will never happen. I am so proud of them, they are living their dream...and I wouldn’t change any of that, but damn, it is fucking hard. Sorry for this post, I just miss my kids. Anyway, a beautiful weekend is ahead and hope to see you at Old Town!