May 30, 1, 2, Harding Academy Show

Heading this week to exhibit at the 40th Annual Harding Academy Art Show in Nashville. I love Tennessee Craft, and all my patrons and great friends I get to see...but I am taking a break and trying something different.

I hope it's not too far to trek over to the Harding School, it is open to the public on Friday (9 - 8 p.m.) and Saturday (9 - 4 p.m.). It's located at 170 Windsor Drive. Booths aren't allocated by number and there are around 70 artists... so it's a bit smaller and easier to navigate. I have a new series of work started...It's called the Astral Series and it's an off- shoot/ evolution from the Excavation Series (one always leads to another...)  I hope you will come by...would love to see you all and show you my new work.