On my way to ArtClectic in Nashville

First, I don’t like it when people toot their own horn, but I just have to tell you.... I won Best of Show at the St James Court Show two weeks ago! It was exciting and yes, I was totally surprised. That makes 4 major awards since the end of June... and yea, that never happened to me before so I guess it is alright to post it here. Hope you don’t mind. We are on our way to ArtClectic at the University School of Nashville. I did this show in 2015 and then didn’t get in for two years, so it’s nice to be going back. As far as school fundraiser shows go, this one is top notch. I do know that the last time I did this show I gained 10 lbs. so I need to lay off the good food. I have been dieting for about a month now and I am down 12 lbs.... don’t want to undo everything. The school is at 2000 Edgewood Ave. and is open to the public from 10 until 8 on Friday and 10 to 4 on Saturday. The nicest thing about heading to Nashville is that we get to stay with our good friends John and Ann...They always make Nashville feel like a second home. We will drive back on Saturday night then on Sunday morning I’m headed up to Arrowmont to teach an encaustic class.... I am looking forward to meeting new folks and seeing many former students coming back. Send up good thoughts for my friends Cynthia and Evelyn who’s homes were pretty demolished in hurricane Michael..... I hope they can make it to the class but I know it’s going to be iffy at best. I just can’t imagine how hard all of a sudden having your home gone must be. So, today, embrace life, smile and be thankful you are able to do the things you love. I know I am. See you at ArtClectic....Come buy some art!