Happy Holiday!!!

This is my last post of 2018. I am honestly befuddled that time seems to disappear so fast lately, it goes exponentially faster the older you get. It seems to be galloping for moi. 2018 has been a good run though. 23 shows, from Miami to Park City and lots of inbetwen. Missed Kentuck this year, because I was teaching at Arrowmont, but hit most of the shows I wanted to get into, although, I doubt I will ever break the code of Jazz Fest or Cherry Creek. I will probably always send them $40, because, I don’t understand it but hope springs eternal. Won a slew of awards this year at Tennessee Craft, Crosby (Toledo) Peoria, and Best of Show at St James Court. There have been years where I wouldn’t even be able to post anything in this category... but this year, was an upswing. No rhyme or reason. Einstein said success is 20% talent, 30% hard work, and 50% luck.... I’ll buy that. Also, want to give a shout out to my faithful patrons, Amy and Allen, Courtney and Barry, Sherry and Al, Nani Lagenstein and The Robbin’s,  who I have lost touch with, Frankie, if you see this post, I would love to hear from you guys!  Also, anyone who purchased work from me this year, a million thanks yous for your support. I am thrilled that somehow my work spoke to you. That is the reason I do it and sell it in this manner. It’s all about the connection. Next, a gigantic thank you for my friends that I travel with and have become family in this business. Lisa, Karen and Paul, Matt, Clay, Kendra And Kristen, you all make this life a fun adventure. I may not think that on a Sunday night pack up in the rain... but honestly, it wouldn’t be half as fun without you guys. To Ann and John, my favorite people in Nashville, Thanks for letting me invade your home and for also storing my new furniture recently,  you alway make me wish I lived in Nashville so we could be closer. Same goes for Karen and Dan in Chattanooga. My longest running soul mate, friends since freshman year at UTC. You make coming back for 4Bridges the best time. Also to my homies, El and Cindy and Harriet,  who make living in Knoxpatch home, thank you. And most of all, the person that keeps me on track and gets as excited about this life as I am, my husband  and travel buddy, David, you know I couldn’t run this pace without you. We make it work. So right now we are headed to the Atlanta airport, it is a horrible day, fog and rain and way too many cars on the road. It’s the #1 travel day in the US.  But we are going to pick up Keegs and her boyfriend Robin, who are traveling from Berlin via Tulum vaycay and Atlanta. Robin is from Ireland and this is the first time he has been to the South.... should be fun and interesting ( on a social experiment scale-ha!). Tomorrow Griff and Nereida fly in from L.A. Dillon is throwing a huge party on Saturday night and hopefully we will go to Dollywood one night if we can fit it in. Robin needs to see Dollywood, after all! The house looks perfect, we killed ourselves spiffing it up. Even painted the living room and bedroom. I even made a chocolate cake.... So I think we are ready for the big day. I hope you are too, no matter how you celebrate. This time of year just makes me appreciate life more. I can’t say enough how grateful I am. A toast to you all, I’ll raise my glass, for a splendid 2019, throw one back for me if you get the chance.... love marge