The Fall Show Season Starts Now!

We are on our way to the 4th St Festival in Bloomington, Indiana today. A two day show over and this Labor Day weekend and I am in Booth 58..... for anyone interested. I have spent the last 2 weeks hunkered down in the Studio. I sold out of so much inventory on the Utah trip that I had a few large pieces left and only 2 medium sized pieces left and pretty much no smalls left. So, that is what I worked on and completed 11 new medium and smaller pieces. Yea, they don’t bring in the moola like the larger pieces but they are much more collage visible and I love doing them. There is something intrinsically satisfying to me when I get to play with paper, shape and the laying down of story. The fun is in the subtleties that can happen, the under and over and the in and out, physically and mentally in a piece.... and the surprises that happen when just one element can change the context of the piece. Needless to say..... I had a lot of fun and stayed up a lot of hours. I think it will be good. Can’t wait to see what the good people of Bloomington think. On the home front, Poster my 15 year old cat tentatively diagnosed with FIP.... seems to be doing better for now. New blood work came back almost normal. Not sure if this is the calm before the storm or a mis-diagnosis, as this cat desease is hard to get a hard diagnosis with. Now, Lil’ Mo my 13 year old girl hates when I am gone.... when I get home she sleeps right on top of me for a week. I think she thinks if she can keep body contact I won’t leave again....But hey, kitties gotta eat..... so i am on the road again. The schedule is brutal coming up but I’m trying to get a new van and hopefully this schedule might help. Next week is the Lakeview Art Fair in Chicago near Wrigley Field. A Saturday and Sunday show. Then a week off and I’m headed to Peoria, Illinois for a three day Festival. October has me at St. James 4th St....(1st time!) in Louisville where we get to hang with Karen and Paul! I have a wedding the week of Tennessee Craft this year and it will be the first time in 8 years I won’t be there-bummer, it is one of my favorite shows of the year. But, for you Nashville peeps-I will be at Artclectic at the Vanderbilt University School the week after. It’s open to the public so come see me! I come back from Nashville and head directly up to Arrowmont the next day to teach my class..... You can’t imagine how much I am looking forward to seeing everyone and hanging out in the Smokies for a week. My favorite time of year.... so that is it in a nutshell in September and October for me.... I’ll fill you in on November and December later- no sense overloading everyone... I’m overloaded enough for everyone anyway.... but hey, for now, that’s how I like it.