I vote Utah the most freaking beautiful state!

While I drive through this state today, I am blown away by so many different landscapes and vistas. Park City was last weekend and it was a stellar show. Brought 130 of my small quote paintings and came out of there with 22 left. Apparently, People out here like my sense of humor. Funny thing is everyone that came by had been told to come by from someone else.... Started feeling like a minor celebrity! If you ever get out here, you will love it. The town is perfect and flower-filled. Plus there are wonderful places to eat and a zillion coffee bars and brew houses. I met so many cool people and former student’s came by too....definitely a win-win. We are headed today down to the bottom of the state to Moab and Arches National Park for some R&R before the next show in Ridgeway Colorado, close to Teluride. Everything is very hazy and the smell of smoke hurts your eyes. Saw a massive fire outside of Provo, with a ton of bucket helicopters in the air battling it. Crazy. More when we get to Moab, who needs to read when you can look out the car window and be enchanted!