Moab... you are beautiful but you are not my friend.

First off Park City was incredible. Beautiful place, cool art, savvy people... sold a ton of work, pretty pumped about it. We then drove to Moab... little did we know it was going to be 107 degrees I the shade there the entire time. Brutal, just brutal. First night, we stayed in a hotel called Big Horn Lodge, from the pics on it didn’t look too bad. HA!!!! Dark and dirty... stayed one night and got the hell out. Unfortunately,  not soon enough. I had three horrible spider bites on my arm and face. We went to breakfast at a chill little cafe, in the middle of breakfast felt something itchy.... went to the bathroom to find a hitch-hiker in my bra from the hotel.... a live roach....shudder. We moved to a nice Comfort Inn and things were better.... not a lot of choices in little Moab. The parks, Arches and Canyonlands were magnificent...beyond earthly...Tatooine maybe. But so hot, it was almost too much to hike. We did though...went to a lot of the Arches and down to the Needles-nobody goes down there, it was so worth it. Packed the paintings back into the van and headed out on the Colorado River Road (wow)... at a stop off stopped to take pics and fire ants climbed up my pant legs.... It was so painful I had to pull my pants off right on the road... I’m sure it was a lovely site for the other, they hurt-a lot, and for a long time.... I started to have breathing problems and had to take some Benidrill. We are on our way to Ridgway right now...maybe my luck will change....stopped at a cool Winery, that helped a lot.... I swear I am not a complainer but sometimes you just need to cut your losses and get away from a town that has bad juju. On and upward and a little ready to head home..