It’s That Time Again!

It’s the 14th of January. After a great month of December, with the whole fam home for Christmas, and being that we got through the roughest part of David’s 61/2 hour hernia surgery last Wednesday.... (It was rough). I am finally gearing up to head to Florida for two shows. I think this will be a solo trip, and in a way, maybe that is good. First up, is Art Beth El in St. Petersburg. This is a first time show for me. It’s an invite only, selectively advertised show with a fabulous patron program and best is, I just deliver the work- then I’m headed to the beach! That one runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then I’m heading down to Delray to spend a day or two with Neal and Audrey (hopefully) then on Thursday heading to Ft. Meyers Art Festival on the first Friday, Sat.and Sunday of February. If you are at either local, come by and see the new work. 14 new pieces being added that I have been working on for the last two months. Anyway, Florida sounds good right about now. Tennessee has been rather dark and gloomy lately. A shot of sun and warmth will be appreciated! See you there I hope!