Haven’t heard from me in a while-eh?

Yea, I know. It’s been winter and I have been in hybrrnation. Actually, I have been in my studio working for the last month and a half getting ready for April shows. Just so happens I’m driving up to DC this weekend for my niece Emma’s wedding so I am having some car time (that’s when I write). So far, I have completed 1-24x24, 1-18x18, 2-12x30’s, 1-18x24, 4-12x12’s, 8-10x10’s, 4-8x10’s and 174 new 6x6and 5x7 small quote paintings. That’s what having a healthy studio practice gets you. When I get back, I’m heading into my large formate work and hope to rework one that I thought I was done with but I’m not happy with(it happens) and do some new work too. It will be fun to get back to working large. It’s been a fun time but I have been kind of a hermit. I have three weeks before the next show and it’s finally Spring and along with painting I’m doing some planting of my gardens and also seeing if I can get the raised beds going this year. Life will become a bit crazy because since the tree fell on the house. The contractors will be coming to replace the roof and fix all the damage. Did I mention it before? Yea, a huge hickory tree fell on our laundry room and dining room right when we got back from Florida at the beginning of February. It happened around 6am in the morning and both David and I jumped out of bed. What a mess. Yesterday, finally the tree company got the rest of the tree taken out. They started over a month ago but because of all the rain they got stuck in the yard and had to wait to be able to bring the truck back in. My yard is a mess because of it. They are suppose to fix it but the contractors will start work soon so it’s kind of a moot point to fix. 2 months of construction I am facing and man, that sucks.  So, I guess as far as studio time. I’m glad I have done the gist of it while it’s been quiet in the house. I have been listening to the Golden Hour album by Kacey Mugraves... which I love. I’m not a big fan of country but she is really amazing. When I get tired of that I go to Amazon and watch the myth series or Jason and the Argonauts....Well, do you expect different? And also, Queer Eye for the Strait Guy series on Netflicks... which is the freaking most uplifting and funny and endearing show on that channel. I recommend it wholeheartedly. I’m doing a separate post to give you all my Spring and tentative Summer schedule.... so check it out. See you soon down the road.