Spring shows almost over.... July looks like a welcome respite.

I find I write this blog on the road mostly. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car for 8 to 12 hours any given day, you kinda run out of things to do. Not that I mean this is an “afterthought “ kind of thing-it’s not, but, yes, sometimes it is. It’s Wednesday and we are headed to the Des Moines Arts Festival. Never been to Iowa. Now North Dakota will be the last continental state I haven’t been to. I haven’t been to Alaska or Hawaii, but they are on the bucket list... not so sure about North Dakota. This show is a three day slog from 11 to 10 pm each day. But Sly ( not really Sly, because he’s dead) but the Family Stone will perform. I can go for a little “we are family”, might be fun! My booth is GS14 and I have no idea where that is, but since i’m up from the waitlist, it’s probably in the back 40 somewhere. I thought I was headed to Berlin so I cancelled Boston Mills and low and behold at the last minute Des Moines called, and Keegs nixed me coming anyway. So here I go, headed to Iowa. This show is the last show of a ten show run that I started in April. I am happy to be getting a break in July and August. I do have one show (Geneva) at the end of July near Chicago, but other than that I’m free as a bird. Can’t wait to get back in my studio and make some new art. If anyone is interested in stopping by my studio, this will be a good time, just leave me a message. I will be heading up to Jersey to visit my Ma and I think my best friend and college roommate will come with me. Karen spent one glorious summer back in 1970 waitressing with me at the beach in Belmar and Avon-by-the-Sea. I was a home town girl but Karen being from Duck Town , Tennessee, had a better accent and made tons of tips compared to me. Back then being from the South was like being from Tanzania... pretty exotic.  We have been trying to get back there to revisit our glory days for quite a while now and I think we are going to finally make it happen. I need it and there is nothing better that a girlfriend trip. Well, send up some good thoughts for me for this show. It’s a beautiful day and I am ready to take the bull by the horns, I guess that’s a pretty good description since i’m headed to the big prairie of Iowa. See you there....(possibly?).