It’s hot, it’s July and I’m on my way to Geneva ( not Switzerland), Illinois.

Well, July has been a shit show. Sorry for my foul language but that’s just the truth of it. A tree fell on our house last January… and there is still a tarp on the house. They are still working on the roof and the laundry room and it feels like it will never be completed. Then last Friday, We had torrential rain in Tennessee, up from that hurricane that passed through New Orleans the week before. Guess what? The tarp blew off the house, so all of a sudden there was a pool of water on the floor of my living room, I couldn’t figure it out… I thought maybe a cat peed, (not something I am too fond of either). Then I went into my dining room. Water flooding down the walls -6” on the floors in their and the bathroom and the walk through room( it’s a big old house)… torrents, awful. We are throwing every towel we have on the floor and it’s doing nothing. David calls the contractor and he comes out with new tarps and covers the roof. Serve pro comes with 6 Hugh machines to suck out the water and try to dry the wood. I can’t hear myself think for 5 days…..then they pull out the ceiling in those 3 rooms. Now we have to see if it’s a new claim or if the contractor takes responsibility for the damage. We need new walls, new ceilings and new floors including all the damage to artwork, furniture and rugs. Every piece of furniture is laying all over the house and I feel totally discombobulated. It’s amazing that I am ready for this show in Geneva this weekend. I’ve been off for a month, with the last show in Des Moines being exceptional…. When a show is good it kind of propels you to come home and dive back into the studio. I did just that. 13 new pieces and 96 new smalls later…, I think I am ready. I am in booth 50 at the Geneva Arts Festival. It’s this Saturday the 27th, 10 till 6 and Sunday the 28th, 10 till 5. A high end show, all originals, on the list of the top ten shows on art fair reviews. So hopefully, they might like me. Let’s hope.