Fall Season Starts Now/2019

It should have started last week…The car was packed and we were ready to head toward St. Louis to a show in the town of Mt Vernon at a nice Art Center there. Unfortunately, things took a left turn. I’d been having some weird symptoms for a few weeks, with one being particularly bad and I went in to see my Doc that next day… two hours later I was having a CatScan. I have a case of Ischemic Colitis, (yea, I had to look it up too.). Apparently the arteries that connect to the large colon are blocked and the colon is dying. I had to go strait to bed and start taking a blood thinner hopefully to unblock them and for the colon to heal, Oh, and go on a liquid diet. Thus, no show. So again, hit up the Doc this week and he was reluctant to let me go to Chicago this week but heck, I’m going stir crazy. I’m headed up there with a ton of paperwork so that if I have another attack I can head to the emergency room and I’m still on the liquid diet but I’m on my way. So much for living on the edge. I’ve lost 18 lbs already….the only good thing about this whole mess. Hopefully, Lakeview Arts Festival will be worth it. I think it’s I am in booth 106, but I’m not sure. All the artwork is there-lots of new pieces and the start of a new series… I worked my tail off in August and I’m excited to show you what i’ve been up to. Lately, I guess I’m a touch preoccupied. Just a lot going on. I’ll rally and I can’t wait to see everyone. I might get be a bit “hangry” though… so don’t take it personal. Ha!